Fridays Are for Nails and Blogging

After a stressful week interviewing for an analyst position through trial by fire – that is, by actually trying my hand at some analysis, I was a little fried this morning. But, with nothing scheduled, I took the time to re-charge by working on The Style Room and applying a fresh coat of paint. Call me a basic biddie, but red nails make me feel like myself again, not to mention a little vampy and badass. Links to the nail goodies I use are below…


  1. Eve Snow London Elderflower cuticle oil; this was a Valentine’s Day gift from my amazing sister-in-law. Two applications and my cuticles have gone from jagged rocks to silky smooth. She has impeccable taste you guys, it’s infuriating. You can get it here.
  2. I love Sinful Colors polishes; I know there are lots of prettier bottles out there, I can’t bring myself to spend $20 for a nail polish. I find that with good base and top coats, the cheapies work just fine. Amazon has a great selection of these.
  3. Since I save on the polish, I go for slightly better tops and bottoms. Seche Vite base coat and Sally Hansen Insta – Dri are my go tos You can get either at any drugstore or online at Amazon.

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