A Few of My Favorite Things

You know this whole nonsense about never recycling outfits or wearing the same thing twice? Like I said, nonsense.

I read somewhere that French women pioneered the idea of outfit repetition. When they find something that works for them, they stick to it, like a formula. Google Emanuelle Alt; in nearly every picture she’s got killer stilettos, skinny jeans, a button down shirt, and fabulous coat or blazer. She’s the editor of Vogue Paris. If she can do it, so can you. I’m all for trying new trends and having fun with your look, but on your terms, non? vsco-photo-1

In a similar vein, I think one of my favorite parts of being in my twenties has been starting to discover those things I love enough to wear/ use over and over again, like signature items. Garance Doré (I’m sparing you pictures of the shrine), red nail polish, gold jewelry, Penhaligon’s perfume and the bajillion books on my Kindle.

I could leave any combination of those things on a chair in the DMV and my friends would know I’d been there; do you guys have signature items like that?

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